How Electric Patio Heaters Wor

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Electric Patio Heater Construction

An electric patio heater is attached to some kind of electrical line, either having a plug to an electrical receptacle or hard-wired with a 110/120 or 220/240 supply. The wiring cuases our bodies in the electric patio heater into a transformer. The transformer will regulate the volume of power needed to operate the radiant heat element. The heater will vary from substandard quality electric patio heaters to commercial grade electric patio heaters.

The lower quality heaters typically utilize a high output bulb having a filament. These bulbs typically is only able to output 1200 to 1500 watts, similar to exactly what a good hair dryer. They will also typically use a wire plug to conveniently plug the heater in to a power receptacle. These heaters are usually cheaper to purchase and are perfect for a 5 x 5 area.

Medium Quality Electric Patio Heaters will typically work with a glass tube which has a thick curled filament running the length in the heater width. These varieties of electric patio heaters, determined by wattage, come with a plug or can be hard wired. These kinds of spot heaters ranges in wattage from 1500 to 3000 watts. The issue found with the medium quality electric patio heaters will be the glass tube. In a very cold condition, the glass can shatter as a result of extreme modifications in temperature.

High Quality of Commercial Grade Electric Patio Heaters work with a quartz element using a very thick filament inside in the quartz tube. These varieties of electric patio heaters can withstand the big temperature differences which enable it to be operated in colder conditions. The quality is also seen in the making of our bodies and reflector. The Commercial Grade heaters can vary form 1500 watts to 8000 watts and up. The are nearly always hard-wired to your 220/240 volt line. The element itself might be switch the signal from accommodate 208, 270 and also other varied power supplies.

The heating element of all from the above heaters is incased by a reflector which will direct the infrared rays (radiant heat) to a particular area. This is why Electric Patio Heaters can also be termed as direct heaters, spot heaters and radiant heaters.

The body from the electric patio heaters is generally mounted by included mounting brackets to some ceiling or wall. But some (the low wattage heaters) can be mounted on a freestanding base.

Electric Patio Heater Operation

Once the ability supply to the electric patio heater is switch On (with a switch, control dial, thermostat or another mechanical device that behaves as a switch) the ability goes to the transformer. The transformer regulates the electrical power to how much electricity the element is made to handle. Outdoor Electric Heaters may be distinct from other patio heaters because they supply radiant heat in seconds (5-10 seconds) versus 5-10 minutes of gas patio heaters. With the element now glowing to some particular infrared frequency, radiant is made and directed from the reflector with an area.. Depending on the wattage, objects in a 5 foot by 5 foot to some 12 foot by 12 foot area is going to be heated. Electric Patio Heaters do not heat the air, in the same way other radiant heaters, but heat objects, such a Teak wood furniture, walls and in many cases people. Those objects then create ambient heat that therefore heats the environment. Since these kinds of heaters don't have any moving parts, maintenance is very simple. Typically the only part that could must be replaced will be the heating unit. The quality in the electric patio heater will dictate how often of which the element will should be replaced.

Many cities and municipalities are banning propane and propane patio heaters on account of the open flame of these types of patio heaters and also the emissions created from the burning and impingement of the gas.. This is where an electric patio is quite useful. An electric patio heater may be used indoors or outdoors since, unlike a gas patio heater, this doesn't produce co2 or some other harmful emission. Also, since it doesn't make use of an open flame to make radiant heat, the clearance to combustibles is incredibly minimal in comparison to it's gas burning counterpart.

Important Note

When planning to get and install an electric patio heater, make sure that you hold the proper quantity of electrical supply and amperage on your breaker box to handle the electric patio heater's operation. Also be aware that all electric patio heaters must be operated inside a covered or semi-covered area. Just like placing a hot dish in cold water, the heating unit of the heater can break. This is unlikely, however possible with the commercial grade patio heaters.

In our next article, we'll discuss upkeep of an outdoor heater.
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