Disney Cars

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pixar carsLightning McQueen joins Queen for a day at the races... with apologies to Brian, Roger, John & most of all Freddy. Mr Mercury we're with you waiting around the Miracle. It became fashionable among YouTuber's this summer to remix Pixar Cars footage to contemporary music, we'd to join in so please... Don't Stop me Now! We'll, we'll VeeVooo! This video is an edit of Pixar Cars clips & many other material related to this franchise. The music is really a remix of the popular song from the while ago now by a band called Queen who's lead singer was Freddy Mercury. The remix is as simple as Killed It and that i found it on Soundcloud. Including die cast toy versions of Jackson Storm, Cruz Ramirez & The Fabulous Hudson Hornet. We'll, we'll VeeVooo!
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